New Longer Range Layflat Sensor Saves Money Too!

Our new eSn layflat sensors provide 50% more range to handle a larger range of bubble sizes when compared to our ASn layflat sensors. In addition, the new sensor has a 20% lower cost and complies with the RoHS Directive. The eSn sensors can be used on both IBC and LF-Sizer control systems with 32 bit processors.

The eSn sensor is not for every application. Critical applications and applications were the sensor is mounted within an enclosed structure still require the ASn sensors. In addition, LF-Sizers with very small diameter bubbles (less than 10 inch diameter (250mm) also require the ASn sensors.

For systems that were built before 2011, a controller application update would be required (this can be done via the modem or Internet remote diagnostic interface). A touch screen hardware or software update may also be required depending on the age of the system.


New, 3rd Generation Proportional Valve
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