New Color Touch Screens Feature TFT Technology

DRJ now has a new 6" color touch screen with TFT technology for the IS-IBC1and 3GIBC1 internal bubble cooling control systems. The new 6" color touch screen is larger and brighter and has much faster screens than previous models. It also has almost infinite viewing angles, you are able to view from severe angles from either the left or right and even up and down. There is eight times more memory to support maintenance troubleshooting screens and for future features. The new 6" touch screen can easily replace any of the older non-TFT models. Contact us today for a quotation.

Non-TFT Color Touch Screen Vs TFT Color Touch Screen

Seven Languages with Metric/Imperial Unit Selection

The new TFT color touch screen is equipped the ability to change, on the fly, between seven different languages. In addition, the user can select metric or imperial display units. This allows users of different language barriers to use and understand the same system without taking time to translate from a language they are not familiar or fluid with. The languages currently included are English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

English Language with Imperial Units Selected



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