Remote Control Using WinIBC TM Solutions

With the new 3rd Generation IBC and LF-Sizer control systems you can add a remote control point using any Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows 7 device.

WinIBC Viewer supports the need for an additional operator control point for the IBC system. It also allows a supervisor to monitor as many IBC systems as there are on a network without disturbing the operator. Another example for use of this technology would be to load new setpoints to an IBC or LF-Sizer system without interrupting what the operator is doing. In essence, the WinIBC Viewer operates exactly the same as the system’s touch screen.

To use the WinIBC Viewer application, the IBC or LF-Sizer system must be connected and configured to the factory Intranet (via Ethernet CAT5 data cables). Each physical IBC or LF-Sizer touch screen must be licensed individually, but the number of remote control applications is not limited. A maximum of four simultaneous connections to a single system can be supported.For more information, click here.


New, 3rd Generation Proportional Valve

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