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FAQ-I030 FAQ-I030
Preparing IBC or LF-Sizer for Internet Based


How to Allow Internet Based Remote Support

Problem:  I need remote support from DRJ, what do I need to do?

Note: Links containing additional information are located at the end of this FAQ!

Modem support has been the remote connection method of choice up until the wide range of Voice over IP phone lines has made analog modem connections nearly impossible to implement.  The reason is because of the packet nature of the Internet as compared to the continuous operation of analog telephone lines.   Packets stop and start which causes analog modems to mishandle the handshaking process, which results in no connection.   The expense of maintaining analog phone lines has been an easy target of IT departments all over the world.  Hence the rather rapid demise of the analog phone line population.  At this point, the easy method of connecting by a basic phone line is no longer the best method.

The DRJ IBC systems come with both analog phone line and Internet capability. Internet connection support to DRJ 32 bit IBC systems was phased  in over time with the first 32 bit systems began shipping in July of 2003 with Ethernet hardware only.

Starting in March 19th 2004, systems began shipping with both Ethernet hardware AND software support, a requirement for Internet connections. All previous 32 bit systems could support Internet connection provided the firmware is upgraded to version 1.22 or later and the IBC application is upgraded to version 2.04 or later.  Version information is available on the system HMI.

The easiest way is to check the job number of your system to determine if Internet support was originally installed.  Any IBC systems with a job number greater than 932224 will have been shipped with Internet capability.  Please keep in mind that some earlier 32 bit systems were upgraded to support the Internet after shipment so contact D. R. Joseph with questions about your particular system if the job number is less than 932224.   You can locate the job number on the system serial number label inside the main control panel.  See the attachments for diagram of the serial number location.


The Internet connection provides higher speed and a reliable connection, but it does require a fair amount of planning.  In many cases, these IP addresses are not compatible with your company Intranet (the network internal to your organization).  If this is the case, the IBC system, Touch screen, Ethernet Switch and Remote  IP addresses will need to be changed to a compatible IP addresses.    See the attached document titled,  "VPN Access Server and 3GIBC1 Settings."    

Our 3rd generation IBC systems have a total of four IP addresses as follows:

    • IBC Controller
    • Touch Screen
    • Ethernet Switch
    • Remote Client (used when the remote connection is made by analog phone modem)

Please note that our 2nd generation IBC systems have the IP address of and do not use an Ethernet modem.  Changing the IP address on 2nd Generation systems can be done via the touch screen only if the touch screen communicates to the IBC controller via a serial connection and NOT an Ethernet connection.  If your touch screen has been field upgraded to connect via Ethernet, changing the IP settings will require a laptop computer with a serial cable and IBC Viewer software.

Please note that TeamViewer requires a laptop computer connected both to the Internet and to the IBC system via a serial cable. The attached document talks about a program called IBC Viewer.  If you don't have this program, it is not a problem - we will take care of this when the TeamViewer session is started.  You just need to build the serial cable properly and connected it to a laptop that can handle a DB9 pin serial connection.  Start the TeamViewer session and provide us with the session ID and password.  We will also need the new IP address for the IBC system.

Special Tools Required:  You will need a laptop that supports a serial connection.  Preferably a laptop with a DB9 serial port.  Operating system can be Windows XP SP3, or Windows 7.

Applicable IS-IBC1 Versions:

All 2G and 3G IBC systems, all 2G and 3G LF_Sizer systems.  For more information regarding identification of the processor you have, see knowledge base item KB-I2020.

Date of Last Update:  July 8, 2013

Attachments received directly from D. R. Joseph are also available from the service section of our company web site.  To sign up for access please follow this link:  The service section includes a knowledge base and documentation library.  Access requires a verification process that takes approximately one business day.

Job Number Location

Job Number Location

Managing 3GIBC1 IP Settings

Preparing for TeamViewer Session.pdf

Preparing for TeamViewer Session.pdf

Setting up VPN Access

VPN Access Server and 3GIBC1 Settings

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