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How do Multiple IBC Sensors Operate?

Q:  My IBC system has multiple sensors, why does the monitor show different distances?

A:  On any multiple sensor system each sensor will always show different distances.  This is because of two factors, 1) the bubble is never perfectly round, 2) it is nearly impossible to position the sensors exactly perfect.

If the monitor shows the 4 sensors having distances something like this: 1-165mm 2-168mm 3-175mm 4-170mm:  This is normal and should not be considered a problem.  If all the sensors are in the same range, then everything is fine.

If one sensor shows a significantly different distance and, in fact, you measure it and find the reading is wrong, it may be necessary to replace that sensor.  Before you replace ir, however, swap the sensor with another sensor to make sure the problem is with the sensor and not with the installation point.  Remember, that sensor jam nuts must only be hand tight, never use a wrench to tighten them.

Date of Last Update: 10/10/2013

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