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How do I get help when I am having a problem?

Q:  How do I get help when I am having a problem?

A:  Problem solving in the blown film process is probably one of the most difficult to engage in.  Separating cause and effect is hampered by the non-linear response of the bubble.    Obviously, when a problem is occurring, a good understanding of the process is helpful.  For those that do not have that capability, D R Joseph is there to help with a multitude of service support options. 

Self-service solutions include a built in fault detection system that provides fault codes and guidance on how to solve the problem by going to this website page: is also a comprehensive system manual including an installers checklist, a web based technical documentation center which includes problem solving documents, and a web based knowledge base.   You must sign up for access to our service section to access the documentation and knowledge base.  

For real time service support, each IS-IBC1 system comes with a built-in modem and Internet access port.  Either can be used to allow a DRJ certified technician to log into the system and verify proper operation and configuration.   DRJ provides 12 months free online support starting with the date of first power up.  Afterward, a variety of paid on-line support programs are available (see below).  For on-site technical support, DRJ can provide either a DRJ engineer or a DRJ certified technician to assist with problem solving.   

D. R. Joseph also has a new comprehensive paid service program (PASS) that provides for periodic monitoring, prepaid incidents, free software upgrades, discounts on parts and on site service.  See the web page for more details.

Date of Last Update: 07/08/2013

Attachments received directly from D. R. Joseph are also available from the service section of our company web site.  To sign up for access please follow this link:  The service section includes a knowledge base and documentation library.  Access requires a verification process that takes approximately one business day.

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