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What yield improvements can be expected?

Q:  What yield improvements can be expected?

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A:  For a sheeting producer who is able to reduce edge trim, from three inches down to one half inch, there is a potential gain of up to 1.5 production hours per 24 hour period.  In other words, on a 60 inch sheeting job that would take 24 hours with three inches of trim, if the trim were reduced to one half inch (with the exact same extruder rate) the job would finish in 22.5 hours.  This represents a 6.25 % increase in production yield.


In another example for bag producers, excessive layflat variation means giving away money.  Reducing layflat from three-quarters of an inch to one tenth of an inch can save upwards of $30,000 per year depending on resin costs.

Date of Last Update: 07/08/2013

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