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What features can be added to the 3GIBC1?

Q:  What other features can be added to the 3GIBC1?

A:     Kundig FE8 or FE7 Flat width Measurement Device

Kundig Switzerland's FE-7 and the new FE-8 flat width measurement devices can be interfaced directly to the 3rd generation IBC and LF-Sizer systems.  This allows a confirming measurement that can be used to calibrate the IBC system, trend performance and even be used as feedback into the layflat control algorithm.

Automatic Cage Diameter Controller

The patented automatic cage controller allows operators to enter the desired layflat and continue with other setup issues while the system properly sizes the bubble.  The ACC maintains the proper relationship between the bubble and the cage during the size change process.  It even coordinates the size change request with the blower speeds to keep the process as smooth as possible.

NonIBC Control

With our three speed pneumatic controls, the 3GIBC1 system can also become a standard nonIBC width control system while supporting the Cage Height and Neck Height Control features.  This feature is particularly helpful for customers who are running both IBC and nonIBC dies on the same production line. 

Geomembrane Control

Running a geomembrane line requires special control algorithms that are available with the 3GIBC1 system.  New extrusion line configurations that support both Agricultural film and Geomembrane film can be produced. 

Cage Height Management System

The cage height management system allows operators to set the sizing cage to an exact and repeatable position.  This is ideal for critical application where cage height is part of the process conditions that must be maintained.  The system includes up to five configurable preset height settings plus a maintenance position that allows the cage to be moved up out of the way with a single button press, eliminating the need to hold the UP button for 5 minutes while the cage slowly moves to upper limit position.  Height information is provided relative to any reference point and is displayed in either inches or millimeters.

Neck Height Controller  (High neck - High stalk)

The IS-IBC1 has neck height control capability for high stalk, high-density bubbles.  This device measures neck position and modifies the cooling temperature of the air ring and IBC to keep the neck position stable.  The system can be interfaced with a variety of chilling/heating units.  Alternatively, the interface can be connected to the secondary input of the air ring blower, trimming air ring blower speed inversely proportional to neck position.

Date of Last Update: 07/08/2013

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