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How many sensors should an IBC system have?

Q:  How many IBC sensors should a system have?

A: The number of sensors used on the system is directly proportional to how accurate and how forgiving you want the system to be.  For instance, a system with two IBC sensors (the ones positioned nearest to the frost line) will NOT account for side to side bubble movement caused by an oscillating nip.  Ideally, if the bubble is properly blocked this issue should not occur.  But how good are your operators at blocking the bubble? 

With four sensors you get more forgiveness with this condition.  There are other similar conditions that are also operator dependent:  collapsing frame angle, sizing cage contact, and air ring stability.  Each of these issues can be improved with additional sensors.  We recommend four IBC sensors when running tubing, or other high value product where width control is particularly important.    There are other features available to help tighten layflat control even more.  Check out  FAQ-I005 for more details.

Date of Last Update: 07/08/2013

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