Production Improvement That Comes in Under Cap-Ex Budgets

Just because budgets are constrained, does not mean that there is not opportunity to improve production and yield with low cost investments in technology.

Even without cap-ex budgets, there is a solution that comes in under the cap-ex limit.  The LF-Sizer width control system will automate startups and size changes; reducing operator time and improving yield.  This is particularly important when manpower is low due to covid-19 absenteeism.

Sizing Cage Components
Managing Resin Costs Efficiently on nonIBC Lines

The majority of non-IBC die applications today currently have no automated layflat width control capability, which means there is no effective way of controlling resin costs, or what we like to call Runaway Resin.

Runaway Resin is plastic that leaves your facility without generating a single penny of revenue; worse yet, you must still pay to process that resin.

The DRJ LF-Sizer helps control your resin costs by providing a fast, accurate and user-friendly layflat control system for non-IBC applications.

How the System Works

By measuring the bubble soon after the frost line with ultrasonic sensors, the system can achieve the proper bubble size without waiting for the film to pass through the top nip rollers and can perform even when running gusseted film.

The diameter reading from the sensors is matched against a set-point, and a DRJ supplied Pneumatic controller either inflates or deflates the bubble to control width.

To view a quick video that illustrates the operating principle behind the LF-Sizer and its control modes, click the video link to the right.

Sometimes, small changes make a big difference:

Sometimes, small changes make a big difference: the LF-Sizer represents a small investment that makes a big difference in production efficiency.  At half the cost of an IBC system, the LF-Sizer boasts payback in up to less than 6 months.

Installation is simple, and can done without tech intervention in as little as 4 hours.D.R. Joseph has remote commissioning capabilities to aid with start-up, or is also available to send a technician to aid onsite if desired.

Contact us today at to discuss any potential applications where there is room for improvement in your nonIBC production.

For a quick budgetary offer, just let us know your minimum and maximum layflat, along with an indication if your haul-off, or die, rotates/oscillates.

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