IS-IBC1 Auto Cage Control (Patented)

What it does... The auto cage control system allows a single operator step for changing size... enter the desired layflat and the system does the rest. Even manual cage position changes are easy and do not require putting the system into the manual mode.

The automatic cage position changes take place during startup, on-the-fly size changes, and during day-to-night changes in the frost line height. Compensation for cage speed and backlash are provided.

How it Works...
auto cage controller uses information from the layflat controller and IBC system to automatically manage the bubble from one size to another. Feedback to the automatic blower balance module and from the IBC module ensures bubble stability is maintained during the size change.

When the operator enters the new layflat size, the system automatically processes the size change as a series of steps to further reduce the chance of losing the bubble. Typical size change times are two inches per minute (50mm/min). Air ring adjustments still have to be managed by the operator.

Auto Cage Controller Block Diagram
The IS-IBC1 Auto Cage Controller does not use any position encoders so virtually any sizing cage with a motorized size adjustment will work with the IS-IBC1 system. Cages that move too quickly for fine positioning control need to be fitted with a device to slow down the cage movement. Radial and Iris style cages are most common.




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