Automatic Blower Balance (patented)

What it does... The automatic blower balance (ABB) module provides the function of balancing or nulling the supply and exhaust blower flow rates automatically (see Establishes Initial Balance and Recovers from a Balance Disruption below). This feature speeds startups and eliminates the need to train operators to balance blowers. Only one setting change is necessary to increase or decrease air exchange rate.

General Overview of ABB Components
Establishes Initial Balance...
During startup, finding the right balance conditions can take considerable time for a less experienced operator. The patented ABB system monitors the balance and adjusts the supply blower until it achieves the balance condition. In this case, the supply blower is flow matched with the exhaust blower, then the final balance is achieved.
Establish Balance from Startup

Recovers from a Balance Disruption...
In this case, where the bubble is too big, slowing the inlet blower to help reduce bubble size is done automatically. This condition can occur during startup and during size reductions. After the bubble reaches final size, the blowers are rebalanced.

Recover Balance after a disruption

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