High Performance Ultrasonic Sensors Provide Payback

Below is the progression of sensor and processing solutions used by D. R. Joseph. The MC1 series is now obsolete, the PP4 series is now in legacy phase and the PST series is our current production version.

MC1 Series
PP4 Series
PST Series
The MC1 series is the original sensor management system for the IS-IBC1®. It featured a single sensing assembly consisting of a transmitter, receiver and temperature compensator. The blue control box housed both an acoustic management module and electronics and adjustments for calibrating the response of the system. The blue box could handle a maximum of one sensor assembly.


The PP4 series was introduced in 1999 and featured a state-of-the-art hybrid sensor which consolidated all the functions from the MC1 control panel into the sensor itself.  It eliminated all calibration requirements and still retained temperature compensation which eliminates the need for a reference sensor found on competing IBC systems.  The blue box looks the same, but functionally the PP4 can handle 4 or 5 sensors and can be daisy chained to handle a maximum of 10 sensors.  When used in combination with our 32 bit controllers, sensors are programmed and managed (including fault detection, correction and reporting) by the IBC system.  No manual distance calibration is ever required.
The PST series systems include a variety of improvements.  All components are now RoHS compatible.  The PST sensor box handles eight sensors with a daisy chain capability.  New sensor cables are double shielded and included a small molded color coded connector for IBC and layflat sensors.  These cables can be passed through conduit without removing the connector. 
Service life for these sensors was typically 1-3 years depending on plant conditions. Service life for the sensors is typically 5-7 years depending on plant conditions. Service life for the sensors is typically 5-7 years depending on plant conditions.

This configuration is now obsolete and unavailable.  These sensors must be upgraded to the PP4 Series or PST Series.

The PP4 blue box is now obsolete and available only as a factory refurbished unit.  Availability of rebuild units cannot be guaranteed.  The PP4 series sensors are compatible with the latest PST series sensors. However, sensor cables must be upgrade to the PST style cables.

This configuration requires an upgrade to our 32 bit Controller. The 8 bit Controller cannot support the PST Series.



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