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Technical Tips
Preventing Production Rate Losses from Clogged IBC Air Flow Paths
Clogged IBC pipes or ducting significantly reduce production rate and width control performance. As film producers use multi-layer structures to encapsulate reclaim resin, the need to clean die pipes and IBC exhaust ducting needs to be checked no less than every 6 months. For those running six days per week, the residue will accumulate even quicker.
It took only six months to block 40% of the flow area in this exhaust duct. This was a HDPE resin. In some cases, increasing the IBC chilled air temperature will reduce this effect.
Click on image for enlarged view
Clic2k here for in-depth article on this subject.
How to Keep Critical IBC Flexible Ducts from Failing
IBC systems rely on ducting to get the required air into and out of the die. Multiple pipe dies requires multiple flexible hoses that are subject to extreme heat. High temperature and strength hose gets this done provided you do not exceed the bend radius rating.
The excessive bend radius shown here will cause premature failure of the hose. Once the side wall breaks, layflat control will quickly deteriorate.
Click Here - for more details on how this hose provides increased life and better reliability.
How to Produce Quality Tubing with an Oscillating IBC Die
When IBC systems are used with oscillating dies, the problem of poor layflat quality is more evident. The correct solution is to verify airflow in the oscillating plenum is completely stable (within 0.05 inches of water column) for all operating positions.
Roll Edges Old Plenum
To verify you have a plenum problem, turn off the die oscillator and see if the roll looks like this. Then turn the oscillator on and see if the rolls get worse.
Roll Edge with new Plenum
It is possible to achieve tubing rolls that look like this. See the August 2002 issue of Blown Film Internals for ways to solve this problem.




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