DRJ Seal-Cut Now Shipping with Touch Screen Controls

DRJ is pleased to announce that the Seal-Cut (Machine Direction Sealing Unit) is now shipping with 6" color touch screen controls, enabling advanced features that save time and improve reliability.

New features include a one touch cleaning feature, fool-proof temperature calibration and password protected max temperature settings, helping to ensure that SOP are followed for a given production run. 

Users can now also select °F or °C for all display screens on the Seal-Cut.
Sizing Cage Components
Bullet-Proof Seals

Some applications call for a stronger, cleaner, and more reliable seal than traditional hot knife systems are capable of. The DRJ Seal-Cut fills the gap with an innovative approach that reverses the slit seal process and creates a stronger seal that can be trusted.

Providing a more gradual and controlled sealing process, the Seal-Cut uses lower sealing temperatures with longer dwell times to maintain the film's strength and elasticity without crystallizing the polymer at high temperature, also resulting in a cleaner seal edge (and less maintenance). This means no more returns from the customer due to failed seals. The result is a bullet-proof seal that you can count on. Learn More

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