Electronic Magnehelic Assembly Improves Process Visibility

The new electronic Magnehelic assembly, now provided with all 3rd generation IBC systems, provides digital feedback of IBC cooling static pressure and exhaust static vacuum. Note that the economy version of the IBC systems includes digital feedback of only the IBC cooling static pressure.

The IBC system uses the static pressure information for automatic flow calibration and automating air flow diagnostics. With the root cause of over 80 percent of all IBC problems being air flow related, the new information reduces the time it takes to locate and solve ducting problems. The 3rd generation system includes the ability to report fifteen new air flow related faults to help point maintenance personnel in the right direction.

Troubleshooting history shows us that the time required to locate the issue is the most time consuming step in solving an air flow issues. Once the problem is located, most ducting repairs, including cleaning clogs are quick to perform. Therefore the capability to sense and report air flow information help maintain like new performance.

New, 3rd Generation Proportional Valve


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