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Customer support can be as important as the equipment you purchase but is often neglected by many companies. D.R. Joseph, Inc. employees take our motto very seriously in finding solutions…not just answers to your needs. D.R. Joseph, Inc. takes great pride in making sure the customer's needs are met through a variety of different methods such as phone support, software tools, on-site support and providing service contracts.


Technical Support: When you call D.R. Joseph, Inc. for technical support, you will be greeted by a friendly service technician who is ready to provide solutions…not just answers to your needs. You can expect prompt and courteous support along with the ease of knowing the technician will have full knowledge of the equipment being serviced and also of your process.

Remote Diagnostics: Each IS-IBC1 system is equipped with remote diagnostic capabilities. This means no matter where you are we can connect to your IS-IBC1 through a phone or internet connection and provide expert analysis of your system in minutes.

With the new 32 bit IBC system we can now support over the Ethernet link, a diagnostic connection and even a camera so we can see exactly the problem you are experiencing!

Software Tools: D.R. Joseph, Inc. has developed the IBC viewer software for providing system setup procedures, system calibration and troubleshooting for the IS-IBC1 system. This software can be purchased directly from D.R. Joseph, Inc. Please call today for a quotation.

(Typical bubble startup shown on graph to the right)

On-site service: D.R. Joseph, Inc. has knowledgeable field technicians who are able to travel to your facility if the need arises. There are a number of field service representatives located throughout the world who are officially certified to work on D.R. Joseph, Inc. products. Please visit our sales/service section for a complete list of service representatives.

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