Reliable, Consistent Operation
How much time and money do you really spend on your Internal Bubble Cooling (IBC) control system? The purchase price could be only the tip of the iceberg. In today's market you can not afford to have an IBC system that is problematic and causes unanticipated downtime from either control issues or replacing defective parts. When you do have problems you need to know that support is close by. You can rest assure the DRJ IS-IBC1 control system will provide consistent and reliable performance each and every day without picking your pocket later.
  • Automated Startup and easy sizing
  • Highest Uptime

  • Quality Performance Parts and Service

  • Low Maintenance Cost
Justification One: Downtime justifies installing 2 ISIBC1 systems
A customer had four IBC systems, two from DRJ and two from a competitor. In a two year period there were 25 repair shutdowns for the two competitor systems and 2 repair shutdowns for the DRJ systems. Result: Lost production time due to repairs justified replacing the competitor systems with two full featured systems from DRJ.Are your systems taking care of your resin?
Justification Two: Startups take hours
Competitor: Startups and size changes could take hours with the competitors systems. Results: High amounts of scrap and lost yield.
IS-IBC1: Startup with the DRJ IS-IBC1 system was consistent from operator to operator with each startup. Startup and size changes were accomplished in a matter of minutes. Result: Highest possible yields with extremely low scrap rates.
Justification Three: Uncommon service gives uncommon results
IS-IBC1: Excellent customer care provided in quick and courteous manner. Onboard modem and Ethernet connection mean that real troubleshooting starts on your system with a phone call, not a plane ride.

Excellent customer care provided in quick and courteous service.

Result: Minimal downtime associated with troubleshooting. Travel costs saved by avoiding a single on-site service trip can exceed $3000.00 USD.

Are your IBC systems picking your pocket?

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