Innovative System is Easy to Use
Easy to Operate: The IS-IBC1® system is equipped with many features manage; the difficult aspects of starting and running a blown film line with internal bubble cooling. Here's an example of a startup with the full featured IS-IBC1 system with color touch screen, automatic blower balance, layflat controller, and automatic cage controller:

IBC Step 1: Enter the new target layflat

  • Unit starts in full automatic mode
  • Single mode eliminates training the operator as to when to select Auto mode
  • Manual mode startup is available only for diagnostic evaluation
Operator touches target and enters new layflat target

IBC Step 2: Start Inlet Blower

  • Unit automatically reduces inlet air for startup conditions
  • Operators pulls the bubble up the tower as normal
  • After closing the nips, operator threads the line without worry about losing the bubble

Operator starts inlet blower to begin process of starting the line

IBC Step 3: Start Outlet Blower

  • Unit increases air flow to production values.
  • Unit next balances the blowers...
  • Finally finishing up after adjusting the cage to achieve the proper layflat and cage contact.
  • Operators can adjust internal cooling with a single adjustment to suit production need

Operator starts outlet blower

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